A downloadable game for Windows

In a future where the literal doorways to opportunity and progress are controlled by a single monopolistic corporation, few can escape the ever-present influence of DoorCorp™ guiding their very lives.

To some, the structured and controlled environments offered by DoorCorp™ and their legions of DoorBots is safe and comforting. To others, it's a choke-hold on their freedoms and choices.

Play as Hiro or Bri, a rebellious pair of siblings, as they strike back at DoorCorp™ and punch their way to the heart of all door-based evil!  Punch and smash everything between you and your goal of stopping the misdeeds of doors once and for all!

When society tries to lock you out, what better way to enter than to break down the door? 

PC Controls

Player 1:

Movement: WASD

Punch: E

Charge Super Punch: Hold Q

Throw Super Punch: Release Q

Pause: Esc

Player 2:

Movement: IJKL

Punch: O

Charge Super Punch: Hold U

Throw Super Punch: Release U

Pause: Esc


DoorPuncher_PC.zip 58 MB