A downloadable game for Windows

M-GPX is a sci fi racing title where you can either battle against a friend or battle against the clock in a high speed race. Take control of one of 5 unique modular cars as you dip, dive, and dash your way to the goal as fast as you can! Each racer has unique stats that makes it so every car is a fresh experience to drive. Pick up and install mods mid race to customize your car on the go with grant advantages that can grant you a swift victory! Do you have what it takes to win the M-GPX?


Jet Galestrider

Cathrine Loveless

Furnace Head

Dominator Korlax

Dianna Crimson

General Moveset

Joystick Forward/Up/W - Accelerate

Joystick Back/Down/S - Brake

Joystick Left-Right/Left-Right/A-D - Turn

Brake+Turn - Drift

Button 1 - Boost

Button 2/Flex - Use Weapon

Button 1+2/Flex - Brake


Figure 8 Track

Alien Planet

Futuristic City 


M-GPX.zip 122 MB
1080 x720 Wallpaper 286 kB