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Project Renaissance 

In a world where music, art, and culture are a commodity available only to the upper echelon of society; there are a few brave individuals from the lower stratum who continue to defy the norm. 

Our protagonists, Nadia and Dillon's, mother is one of those individuals who understands culture is a right not a privilege. However, when the two find that she has gone missing, they must struggle against the oppressive establishment to get their mother back. However, with their handy MP3 player and the power of music, Nadia and Dillon can't be beat!

The Team

Producer - Liam Gentry

Creative Director - Nicolas Witthoeft

Art Lead - Christopher Perry

Technical Lead - Kaelee F.

Programmer/Designer - Marisa H.

Artist - Tomas Gutierrez


Ryun Wheat

Donovan Perry

Christopher Perry


UpArrow - Move Up
LeftArrow - Move Left
RightArrow - Move Right
DownArrow - Move Down

Space Bar - To Interact with objects, Enemies and Doors.
PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR RHYTHM GAUGE!! Press Space bar when the Rhythm guage starts pulsating to give yourself more time!!

The world will Light up as you defeat enemies. These new additions to the environment aren't just for show, use them to give you hints and proceed further into the world.

Install instructions

Extract the zip folder.

Once inside there should be an exe file,  click it and enjoy the ride!


Project Renaissance OST.zip 76 MB
Project Renaissance.zip 80 MB