A downloadable game for Windows

Play as Dash Castlan or Kittie Loveless, two characters part of the infamous ‘Loveless Gang’ who have stolen a prototype space-time distorter from the United Federation Military (UFM). With the distorter in hand their leader will be able to win the M-GPX Race and claim the riches that come with it!

Local Leaderboard

M-GPX Dashers Controls:

Player 1
Move Left: <- 
Move Right: ->
Switch Gravity: U
Phase Shift (Between Orange and Blue): I
Pause: O

Player 2
Move Left: A
Move Right: D
Switch Gravity: R
Phase Shift (Between Orange and Blue): T
Pause: Y

Install instructions

Extract the zip, go inside the M-GPX Dashers Itch folder, and click on the M-GPX Dashers exe to launch!


M-GPX Dashers.zip 30 MB

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